Hello, and Welcome to our Website.
We are a State approved facility to provide DUI and other
general drug and alcohol assessments.  We also provide Mental Health Counseling, with a focus on trauma.
Mary Ann Bauer-Jones has been a Chemical Dependency Professional since 1993, and Dennis A. Jones is a Licensed Mental Helth Counselor who has been providing mental health services for over twenty years.  Dennis is also a Certified Trauma Specialist.
We provide a warm and friendly environment, which is safe and supportive. Some insurance is accepted, with a sliding fee scale for mental health services.
    Alcohol & Drug Services
                   *DUI Assessments*      
   Deferred Prosecution Assessments
Other Court Substance Related Assessments
              Child Custody Assessments
                DOL / Work Assessments               
           Youth Assessment for School
     **Treatment Referrals when Needed**
  Drop-In Drug Testing     
              Mental Health Counseling 
                    Veterans / Partners
                   Couples / Individuals
                       Court Ordered
            Mental Health Evaluations                
We are easy to find, in the 1300 block on College Way, in Mount Vernon, right next to Papa Murphy Pizza.
           1310 E. College Way #100
   Ph: (360) 982-2715 / Cell: (360) 333-0759
       e-mail: mbauerjones@yahoo.com
            Thanks for Checking Us Out